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This page is empty. Go back to the other pages. ---------------------------------- I SAID THIS PAGE IS EMPTY ---------------------------------- Stop checking this page! -------- --------- ---------- ------------ --------------- ------- ------ ---------- You have chosen death, i see. ---------------------------------- WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE???????????? ---------------------------------- I SAID GET OFF THIS PAGE!!!!!! ---------------------------------- Fine, ill show you the actual contents of this page ---------------------------------- June 7, 8:19AM (as of writing) ---------------------------------- I am so excited to live stream and also im excited for WWDC2021 Live at 10:00 AM ---------------------------------------- I hate school so fucking much, it feels like it is unessesary after 3rd grade, i think that school just sucks so goddamn much, it just feels like a un fucking welcome extra to my already bad school life, which is worser then my life, but it has been summer break since may 20, and it was a half day, so im not really complaining about it, it just feels so extra to my life, basically not fucking worth all my motherfucking time, and guess what? when you are in collage you basically have to pay so goddamn much, i know i dont really have to worry about it, but still, damn it just sucks so much, it feels like a scam, which is covered by all this stupid shit thats going on, i just dont give 2 shits about school, basically. So what is the conclusion to the story of why i hate school? well it is that i dont give 2 shits about anything in life and that is the same for everyone else in life.